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The Girl behind the Blog

Erleen is just an ordinary human being, biologically speaking. Her totality consists of biological elements that are essential for existence... cells - tissues - organs -system. Like other creatures, she follows the routinely way of food chain to ensure the energy supply needed to boost the biochemical reactions in the body.

Physically, she's normal and healthy. She has 2 hands, the left and the right, a nose with 2 holes, a fist-sized cardiac muscle, a brain incomparable to computer or any other machines, two attentive ears, same length legs. She is a normal woman.

Emotionally, well, not that matured yet. There are still to be furnished. Neither retarded nor genius intellectually speaking. I would categorize her as an average minded woman - with an average intellectual quotient.

She loves to read anything in the Middle Grade or Young Adult genre especially if its a mystery novel. Yes, she's a mystery junkie, and loves the adrenaline of solving crimes. Her favorite TV shows are Detective Conan, Psych, Castle, and CSI: New York, which just showed her obssession to the said genre. 

Other than reading books, she also immerse herself in writing poetry, playing chess, table tennis, and sketching people's faces. She's an IT professional and currently working as an IT clerk in the Camarines Norte Provincial Human Resource Management Office. 

The Blog

Books For YA! was created on June of 2012 as a way of sharing and spreading Erleen's love for books. It content consists of 95% book review and 5% other book related stuff and you can make sure that every review in this blog is 100% honest. 

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