Friday, August 03, 2012

Filipino Friday #3: Reading Habits and Book Format

Friday, August 03, 2012

It's friday again and you know what that means, right? Filipino Friday! Oh yeah! So last weeks topic is about School of Reading which is about how I began to love books and who inspired me to read. This Friday our topic is this:
Reading Habits and Book Formats. Where and how do you read? Can you read anywhere and everywhere, or do you need a certain place/mood/state of mind to get reading? Do you read more in the morning or at night or any minute that you can? Where and how do you usually read? Are you exclusively for print, or do you go for ebooks more than print? Have you ever tried audiobooks?

Believe it or not, I can actually read anywhere even in the loudest, most chaotic environment. I don't know, whenever I started reading a book, it's like I entered a portal to another world. I'm not exaggerating this, you can ask anyone who knows me.

I often read at night because I have more time in the evening. My morning is really busy because of school and house chores, you know, college life and all. And also there's something really peaceful in reading at night. Makes it easier for me to sleep.

And regarding about the format of book, I read both, printed and ebooks but preferred printed more. I just love the feel and smell of printed books and it's much easier for me to read since I don't have an e-reader or kindle. I can finish a printed book within 2 to 3 days regardless of its page but in ebooks, it would take me 1 to 2 weeks to finish it.

I haven't tried audiobooks yet but I would love to try if I have one.

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