Friday, June 15, 2012

Book Review: Legacies

Friday, June 15, 2012

Title: Legacies
Author: Mercedes Lackey & Rosemary Edghill
Genre/s: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Spirit White has survived from a deadly car crash that has killed her mother and father and her sister. She has been discovered by a school with special talents, called magic. A couple of months after staying, people begin to disappear, some vanish to be never seen again, so Spirit and her new friends begin the investigation. But will they find out the truth of what is going on? Or will Spirit and her friends suffer a terrible fate from which they don't know about yet?

My Thoughts:

I really don't like the way everything seemed to be Harry Potter-ish and the only difference was that the protagonist here is a girl. It was so much like Harry from the beginning where she lost her whole family in a tragic accident and she was the only survivor and also the way there was a secret school for people with Legacy. But I admit that the Oakhurst Academy is kinda cool, it's modern, high-tech and state of the art.

The plot is okay. I wasn't thrilled about them fighting the Wild Hunt. I find it really annoying that their Legacies were useless in elves, ghost and demons. And speaking of Wild Hunt, a demon in an SUV? Seriously? You have a really expensive Wild Hunt there. It's a funny read, I laugh the whole time when they were sprinkling salt on the Wild Hunt. Hilarious.

Overall, it was an okay book. I wish the next installment would be much better than this.


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