Saturday, October 06, 2012

Book Review: Fireseed One

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Title: Fireseed One
Author: Catherine Stine
Genre/s: Science Fiction, Romance


What if only your worst enemy could help you save the world?

Fireseed One, a YA futuristic thriller, is set on earth in 2089 where people ride tricked-out amphibious vehicles over toxic waters, dance in ice-themed clubs and eat fish that grow up on vines in floating warehouses. Varik Teitur inherits a vast sea farm after the mysterious drowning of his marine biologist father.

When Marisa Baron, a beautiful and shrewd terrorist, who knows way, way too much about Varik's father's work, tries to steal seed disks from the world's food bank, Varik is forced to put his dreams of becoming a doctor on hold and venture with her, into a hot zone teeming with treacherous nomads and a Fireseed cult who worships his dead father, in order to search for a magical hybrid plant that may not even exist. Illustrated by the author! Recommended for those who like a dash of romance with their thrillers.

My Thoughts:

Fireseed One took me into a futuristic realm where the world is divided into three parts; The Land Dominion, Ocean Dominion and the Hotzone. In this world, humans who live in the Hotzone was scorched to death, no ordinary plant can survive the intense heat of the sun and the only source of food came from the sea-farms in the Ocean Dominion.

Varik, inherited the biggest sea-farms in Ocean Dominion when his famous marine biologist father died and because of this inheritance that he met Marissa, a ZWC terrorist who tried to robbed his vault full of sea disks. Marissa knew something Varik didn't know. It's about a pet project of Varik's dad that he abandoned after the tragic incident which caused the death of Varik's mother.This plant is called Fireseed and it can survive without water and can crossbreed to other plants to create a super plant that can withstand anything. 

Varik didn't believe it at first but when a mysterious calamity threatened to destroy the only food source in the world, Varik have no choice but to go on a quest to find the Fireseed.

I have a mixed emotions with the characters of this book. Varik was likable. He was responsible, sensitive, smart and courageous but I didn't feel a strong connection to his character. On the other hand, I feel the opposite with Marissa. There is an instant connection between us that I can't explain. She's a bit naive, rebellious and impulsive but she's not just that. She's also strong-willed and independent which are the qualities I liked about heroines. 

The world Catherine Stine created was believable, I feel like I time-travelled into 2089. It's fascinating and haunting, at the same time. The ideas from this book is so out of this world, my geeky side was amazed. I would love to see cross-breeds between plants and fish and a suit that can adapt to its environment like a chameleon.

Overall, it was a great read. Fireseed One will take you to a thrilling, action-filled adventure that you will never forget.

My Rating
* I received this book from the author for an honest review.
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