Thursday, June 06, 2013

Book Review: Dr. Frankenstein's Daughter

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Title: Dr. Frankenstein's Daughter
Author: Suzanne Weyn
Genre/s: Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Historical Fiction

A new generation is creating a monster....

Giselle and Ingrid are the twin daughters of Doctor Victor Frankenstein, but they are very different people, and when they inherit his castle in the Orkney Islands, Giselle dreams of holding parties and inviting society -- but Ingrid is fascinated by her father's forbidden experiments.

My Thoughts:

This spellbinding tale of Ingrid and Giselle von Frankenstein, twin daughters of the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein, will transport you to the rich 1815 era, full of science breakthroughs, dead bodies and hidden secrets. It’s a chillingly creepy yet fascinating book that will keep you turning the pages.

Never having the chance to meet their father, Ingrid and Giselle was shocked when they heard the news that they inherited a lot of money and a castle in Orkney from their mysterious father. With their alternating POV, Ingrid and Giselle will tell us how their life changed the moment they set foot in Castle Frankenstein. 

I really like that this book is written in diary format. It gave me a lot of insight about Giselle and Ingrid’s personality especially their likes and dislikes.

Giselle was the gorgeous and sophisticated twin sister. She liked social gatherings, gowns and all things extravagant. She was very aristocratic and doesn’t like rude, overconfident and creepy boys. She was always very prim and proper in her manners.

On the other hand, Ingrid was the plain, simple yet very smart twin sister. She inherited Dr. Frankenstein’s hunger for knowledge. She likes to read and study about science especially human anatomy. And since girls in this era were not allowed to study in medical schools, all the knowledge she acquired came from self-studying.

I was never confused by the alternating POV of the twins because they were both very distinct. I can easily identify whose talking in each chapter. I was really impressed with how they were both written differently yet they equally engrossed me. 

The setting was vividly imagined. I can see myself in this time wearing tight corset and ball gowns while taking a stroll inside Castle Frankenstein. The story was extremely intriguing especially when the missing people were found brutally murdered. The revelation of the murderer’s identity was really shocking. It definitely caught me off guard. 

Overall, I would say that this was an awesome read. If you like mystery, suspense, and creepiness you should give this a try. A perfect read for the fans of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

My Rating

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