Saturday, August 31, 2013

Author's Month Celebration 2013

Saturday, August 31, 2013
When I first started book blogging back in June of 2012, all I think about doing was write book reviews. I know my first few reviews wasn't the best(I'm still not sure if it is now) but I was so dedicated in promoting books that I didn't even think about it at that time. And then the book blogging world opened up for me and gave me a warm welcome. To say that I was culture-shocked with this new world was an understatement. I discovered that there are a lot of ways to promote books other than reviews. Soon, I started participating in blog tours, book blitz, cover reveal and spotlight but I rarely do interviews and guest post. 

I guess, I was half-shy-half-terrified to ask authors about anything(I still am). But after 1 year and 2 months, I muster up enough courage to ask a few authors(okay, a lot) to do my first ever blog event. So here we are. 

I'm so happy to present to you our first ever Author's Month Celebration! 

What is Author's Month Celebration?

As obvious as the title is, this is the month I dedicated to feature authors and their books on my blog. I invited all kinds of authors from bestsellers, debut authors, upcoming authors and self-published. Along with this event, I will also present to you a new and exclusive author feature on my blog which I called Author's Slambook.

Yes, I am one of those geeky girls who likes to collect slambooks full of fun facts about my high school friends. What can I say, it's fun and informative. So since authors are one of my favorite people in the world I decided to do a slambook just for them.

In this feature, I ask authors a series of questions about their favorite, their writing process and of course, the most fun part in every slambook(or at least in my opinion) the finish the sentence questions. You have to check this feature out everyday because you will not only know more about your favorite authors in here, you will also have the chance to win lots of prizes. 

If you're already a GFC/Linky/NetworkedBlog follower, Bloglovin' follower, Twitter follower and Facebook page liker, that gave you 4 entries already for the upcoming giveaways. And for those new peeps who stumbled upon my humble virtual abode, you're very much welcome to follow me here.

See the schedule for Author's Month at the sidebar. Mark your calendars everyone because tomorrow, our Author's Month Celebration will finally start.
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