Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review: The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders #1)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Title: The Colossus Rises (Seven Wonders #1)
Author: Peter Lerangis
Genre/s: Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Mythology, Action Adventure
Released Date: February 5, 2013
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One Boy

Jack McKinley is an ordinary kid with an extraordinary problem. In a few months, he’s going to die.

One Mission

Jack needs to find seven magic loculi that, when combined, have the power to cure him.

One Problem

The loculi are the relics of a lost civilization and haven’t been seen in thousands of years.

Seven Wonders

Because they’re hidden in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

My Thoughts:

Travel and visit the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World without leaving the comfort of your home, in Peter Lerangis' new series, Seven Wonders: Colossus Rises. Follow Jack, Marco, Aly and Cass in their globe-trotting adventure in search for the only thing that can save their lives.

After the accident that almost caused his life, thirteen year old, Jack McKinley woke up in Karai Institute situated in an unknown island, unsure of what happened to him. He found out that he was a descendant of Atlantis along with three other kids, and has a very rare genetic condition called G7W that gave them the ability to use their full brain capacity and developed superhuman abilities. 

It can also be fatal once it wasn't treated properly. But the treatment would only prolong their existence for a bit and since no one with that genes lived longer than age fourteen, they'll still probably die young. Unless, they found the seven magical loculus that has been stolen from Antlantis a long time ago. But finding and recovering those loculi were probably harder than they thought because those loculi were hidden somewhere inside the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World, six of which no longer exist. 

To be honest, I didn't expect a jampacked, laugh-out-loud read from this one. Based on the synopsis, I though Jack will do this whole adventure on his own like a spy-kid on a mission. But I was wrong. Jack did not and will not face these problems alone and I'm happy about it because come on, adventures are more fun when you have friends with you, right? Especially if those friends are gifted in certain aspects.

Speaking of which, this kids were not ordinary. Marco, the tallest and goofiest among them, is an expert shooter, not guns or rifles though, but in basketball. He can shoot the ball anywhere even with blindfolds. He's good at martial arts and other physical-related activities, too. Aly, the only girl in the group, is a movie junkie but that's just her hobby. Her real expertise were in hacking computers and other techie stuff. Cass, the shy one, talks drawkcab(backward), like that. He has a world-class memory and is a human GPS. On the other hand, Jack's talent wasn't specifically stated but I think, his ability is related to solving puzzles, riddles and he is very inventive.

Obviously, I love the characters in this book. They're all clever, funny and cute. I also love the illustrations inside because it was really amazing and I have no doubt, kids will love it, too. The plot was fast-paced and jampacked with surprises. But I have a few questions though, or rather an observation about the G7W and the Atlantis descendant issue that needs some answers/ explanations.

If Jack and the others are descendants of Atlantis and only they have the G7W genes, that means it is hereditary. If it is hereditary, then that means at least one of their parents also has the genes. And if no one with this genes live longer than 14 then how come their parents live, long enough to have kids? Unless they were conceived at the age of 13 by their parents which would be ridiculously unbelievable. But anyway, I will follow this series, real closely and see if my questions will be answered in the next books to come.

Overall, I still like the book, it was an amusing read. The characters were well-developed and full of personality. The plot wasn't perfect but there was no doubt, it was a fast-paced and action-packed read. I will highly recommend this to kids, age 11 and above, who likes fantasy, action and adventure.

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