Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ARC Review: Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders #2)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Title: Lost in Babylon (Seven Wonders #2)
Author: Peter Lerangis
Genre/s: Middle Grade, Action-Adventure, Fantasy,
Released Date: October 29, 2013
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The adventure continues as Jack and his friends travel to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in the pulse-pounding second title in the Seven Wonders series.

With Marco gone and the first Loculus lost, Jack, Cass, and Ally are no closer to saving themselves (or the world) than when they first arrived at the Karai Institute. But when Bhegad tracks down Marco deep in the desert, the kids are off on the next leg of their quest-to the ancient city of Babylon. There the kids find themselves faced with a daunting choice that makes them question everything they've learned so far. It's a gut wrenching decision, but what the kids don't realize is that it's also a trap. Surprises pile on surprises until a long-lost figure from Jack's past returns, and the kids find themselves forced to engineer an escape that might just turn out to be a different kind of trap altogether....
My Thougths:

The adventure-seeking Selects are back and they are now tracking one of their own after it went missing with the first Loculus. Hang onto your seats because their next destination after Colossus of Rhodes is in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Expect, not just a globe-trotting adventure but also a time-travelling one.

Lost in Babylon picks up where Colossus Rises left off. Jack, Aly, Cass and Torquin were searching for Marco after he vanished with the flying Loculus. His implanted tracking device was off the grid for almost three days so they don’t have a choice but to guess where he might be. Then suddenly, the tracker worked again and its signal came from Iraq where the majestic Hanging Gardens of Babylon used to be. But things are not going to be okay for them once they found the truth; one of them are has joined the dark side and someone came back from the dead.

This series just got better and better. Still fast-paced and action packed, but with more puzzle-solving and surprising twist. The characters were evolving and the mystery behind Massarym and Karai's past are slowly unveiling. I have a lot of additional questions from my previous ones about the story but I think, base on the unpredictable ending of this book, I'm closer now to getting answers in book 3, The Tomb of Shadows.

Overall, Lost in Babylon is a really good sequel that will make the fans of the first book happy and excited for the next one. I'd recommend it to Middle Grade readers who likes action, adventure and fantasy.

My Rating
*A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. (Thanks, HarperCollins!)
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