Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review: Reminiscence

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Title: Reminiscence
Author: C. Marie Mosley
Genre/s: Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Mystery


Can someone’s entire life – the only one they have ever known – be a complete lie? The truth is out ... and Coralie Collier is about the find just what lies within that truth - the truth about herself, the truth about her heritage, and the truth about her purpose ...

In Reminiscence, lies a story of a natural born heroine, Coralie Collier --- she just doesn’t know it yet. Coralie lives a simple, almost boring life, that is, until things in her life start to get interesting. Outlandish dreams, bizarre and dangerous encounters, and missing pieces to her memory, are all incredibly important fragmented clues that could help Coralie in finding out her true identity. Along with these clues, and the help of an old family friend, maybe there is a chance for Coralie to find out what is going on around her before it’s too late … and her true purpose has been compromised. All of the characters’ lives within the story swirl around her – and they all know the truth - the truth about the lives they were all born to live... Could there be more to her life than she ever knew? Could there really be more to her surroundings than meets the eye?

Get drawn into Coralie’s world and explorations as she attempts to discover what secrets are hidden in her past and what journeys are in store for her future.

My Thoughts:

Reminiscence revolves around Coralie Collier and how she discovered the truth behind her dreams and her true identity as an Empyreal Warrior.

I really like the first few chapters. The mystery behind the hooded figures and Coralie’s badass nightmares captured my attention to read further. But when I reached the middle part of the story, I guess the mystery kinda wore off its effect and I was really disappointed after I finished reading it.

The book was slow paced and has an annoying amount of “uuhm” and ellipses(…). The characters were talking in circles and they keep on interrupting other dialogues (which I think, is a bit disrespectful for the characters).

The suspense did not escalate to the climax, it just maintain its level from the beginning until the revelation (which is not much of a shocker because I already predicted it) and then sunk down in the end. I was also expecting an action-pack novel considering that they are warriors but I guess, not all warriors fight anymore.

Maybe this book is not for me. Maybe I expected to much. I mean, this is just my opinion. I guess it would be best to let other decide it for themselves.

My Rating:

*I received this book from the author for an honest review.

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