Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Meme: Book-Inspired Poetry

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Reading books and writing poems are two of my most favorite hobbies ever since I was a kid. But for this past 6 months that I've been book blogging, I realized that I haven't written any poem lately and I really really missed it. My poetry blog at Tumblr is accumulating a lot of  virtual dust from unplanned absence. So I decided, why not combine my two favorite hobby and create a new meme for both of my blogs.

This new segment will be called Book-Inspired Poetry or BIP. This meme could be a weekly or a daily meme depending on my schedule and the cooperation of my brain. In this segment, I will post poems inspired by a book character, or a setting or a quote.

Here's a sample of my poem inspired by a setting in the Hunger Games where Katniss sung a lullaby to Rue.
(This is my contest entry for a brevity contest in and I was only allowed to use not more than 40 words).

Goodbye Lullaby
by Erleen Alvarez

Her familiar four-note in the woods
drowned her call for help.

I was a second too late
as the spear punctured her flesh.

I held her hands as she utter her last word.


With a tight throat and teary eyes
Melody escaped my mouth

She closed her eyes
to my resonating lullaby.

Anyway, I created a new one for today. This poem just pop into my mind a while ago. This one is inspired by Lauren Oliver's novel, Before I Fall and this is in Sam's POV.

One Day
by Erleen Alvarez

I used to let the crowd drag me
hoping that they could fill the emptyness inside me

I used to let someone do the driving for me
and just take the backseat and sleep along the journey
then I wonder, why am I lost.

but when you find out that
you only have one day to live
everything will change

everything will look brighter
smell better, taste sweeter
you will suddenly appreciate
every single detail, every small act

that's when you will realize how much you missed out
while you sleep soundly in the ride.

Tell me what you think about this new meme. I would love to hear your comments. :)

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