Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ARC Review: League of Strays

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Title: League of Strays
Author:  L. B. Schulman
Genre/s: YA, Contemporary, Romance, Mystery, Realistic Fiction
Publisher: ABRAMS
Imprint: Amulet Books
Pub Date: October 01, 2012
Page: 288

When Charlotte Brody, a lonely 17-year-old student at a new school, receives an invitation to join The League of Strays, she's intrigued by the group's promise of "instant friendship." The League does provide companionship--and even a love interest--but Charlotte grows increasingly uncomfortable with its sinister mission to seek revenge against the bullies of Kennedy High. When escalating acts of vengeance threaten to hurl her down a path of remorse, Charlotte must choose between her new friends and the direction of a future she's never fully considered.

My Thoughts:

League of Strays is a story about teen angst, bullying, lies, mystery and revenge. It revolves around Chralotte Brody and 4 other teenagers, all were victims of bullying and are in the move to get their revenge.

I like all the characters in this story, even Kade Harlin because they embodied the typical teenagers which makes it more relatable to people especially to teens. They symbolizes every type of teenagers nowadays; the perfectionist and genius teen who always wants to make her parents proud, the gay teen who is always being bullied because of his sexuality, the tough girl who has a drunkard mother, the troubled boy whose parents were divorce and they doesn't care about him and the unsure girl who doesn't know what she wanted in her life so she let her parents decide.

League of Strays focuses on a really serious issue in our status quo, which is bullying. And I think, it is high time to have this kind of book. A book that will show how bullying affect the lives of those who were bullied, how traumatizing it is for them and how it can lead into so many problems if we did not address it immediately i.e, suicide, insanity, depression.

But aside from the serious topic, it also talks about surviving high school, kids trying to fit in and outcasts whose constantly searching for a circle of friends.

I'm torn between "liked it" and "loved it" rating. I can say that I liked it a lot because of its theme, characters, conflict and plot but I can't feel the "loved it" part. So to sum it all up, I'm going to give this a 3.5 happy faces which is the liked-it-a-lot/sorta-love-it rating.

My Rating: 

*I received this book for review from the Publisher via Netgalley.*
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